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April 22, 2020

Sometimes you can be uninspired and bored when you're about to spend the night at home with your lover. From a duo bubble bath to a treasure hunt, the ideas are endless. To inspire you and help you to surprise your loved one, we've come up with a list of the 35 best ideas for your couple to realize. Who said we weren't romantic?

1. Watching a movie in a hot bath
Run hot water in your bathtub, set up two glasses of champagne, treats (or popcorn) around it, and watch a romantic movie chosen together.

2. Improvise a karaoke party
Get your romantic fetish compiles out of your cupboards, or sing the "music of your meeting" as a duet, eye to eye. So cliché, but we promise you that the technique works!

3. Cooking a romantic 4-course dinner
Couple eating dinner at homeEven if cooking isn't your area of expertise, look for clever recipes that are easy to reproduce at home and that are sure to bluff your companion.

4. Improvise a photo shoot
To complete the album of your love story, or simply to make a sexy photo session and boost your libido.

5. Organize a romantic escape game
Who said that treasure hunt wasn't possible at home? Start by defining the puzzle to be found, sowing clues in each room of your home; like numbered photos on the fridge, a muffin with a coded paper inside... There's no shortage of ideas!

6. Put up a tent in the living room
What could be more romantic than to sleep snuggled together in a comfortable place you've set up in your living room? If you don't have a tent, make one! The result promises to be all the more impressive and in the image you want it to have.

Stretch a thread between two walls, slide a long sheet over the top, pull the ends together and secure them with strong ties. Inside, place a light mattress, a multitude of cushions, and various plaids, and finish by placing candles all around the tent. Effect (more than) guaranteed!

7. Become a chef
In perfect symbiosis, cook your favorite dishes together, or follow the recipes of Chefs. Set a table that matches your talents, and enjoy it while it's still hot!

8. Improvise a body painting night
Did you take advantage of being at home to start some painting work? Here's an idea that comes at just the right time! Fully undressed, or in underwear that doesn't shy away from being colorful, show off your painting talents. Sensuality is the order of the day!

9. Dancing in your living room
Soft lights, candles on the windowsills, soft and romantic music, ... To stop time, at least for a while.

10. Picnic in your living room
For dinner tonight, innovate. Move your meal into the living room, and enjoy your food as if you were in the middle of nature, having a picnic.

11. Falling asleep watching the stars from the window
How? By moving your mattress just below the window, and why not enjoy some sweets and hot chocolate, as if you were really under the stars in the open air.

12. Covering the bed with rose petals
Such a cliché, but it always makes an impression!

13. Snuggle together in front of the fire
Wrapped in soft plaids, get close to the fire to enjoy its pleasant warmth. Being careful not to get too close to the fire or you'll get burned, take some peaks out of your drawer and grill some marshmallows or pineapple slices to caramelize them.

14. Spend the night confiding in each other.
By taking you to the game of "Truth or Dare", or simply by revealing your secrets and anecdotes to each other.

15. Make a homemade chocolate fondue
Chop strawberries and wash raspberries, then dip them in the chocolate fountain. Then, take the opportunity to let some champagne flow.

16. Watch your souvenir videos
Cuddled together on the couch, or tucked under the sheets of the bed, watch intimate videos of your time together. From your summer holidays to your wedding video, the choice is yours!

17. Staging your wildest fantasies
And turn your room into your new playground.

18. Draw a portrait of your partner
If you have a good pencil stroke (or a lot of humor), copy the memorable scene from Jack and Rose in Titanic. One on the couch or bed, and the other pencil in hand, proving his or her talent as a great drawer.

19. Improvise a massage evening
Essential oils and practical advice are required. Offer yourself a relaxing moment from home.

20. Invent cocktails together
Sip them, then give them symbolic names for your eyes. Then end up with a drunken evening, just to spice things up.

21. Getting started in stripping
Strip poker works, too. The trick is to end up completely undressed, while taking your time.

22. Take a bubble bath
Couple taking a bubble bathDon't skimp on scented candles, to decorate the rim of your bathtub. Their gourmet scents and sparkling light promise a romantic night.

23. Playing video games together
Take out your Mario Kart or DDR and compete.
And what's the prize? The choice is yours.

24. Plan your future outings
Write down the activities you would like to do with your partner on small pieces of paper and put them each in a jar. Go with them and make it your mission to open one a week and do it for real.

25. Take a dance class on YouTube
You probably won't get any better, but it'll be fun for sure.

26. Look at your old photos
Stall your old Facebook photos (or paper, even better) and have a good laugh.

27. Turn into an "Instagram couple"
Try doing acro yoga or some of that couple fitness stuff you see on Insta.
It might be more fun than productive, but film it all!

28. Order naughty accessories
Browse through the site of an erotic shop and order together things you've always wanted to try. It's time to tell them, your little fantasies that you never dare to talk about.

29. Share one of your talents
Teach each other something. Some examples: playing a musical instrument, learning a language, performing a magic trick...

30. Write a song together
On a tune you know (your song for example)...or not!

31. Sitting in front of your favorite common series
Plan a little drinking game (soft of course): as soon as a character says a recurring sentence or a specific action is done, take a sip!

32. Organize a theme evening: A meal and a movie
A Spanish film accompanied by tapas, an Italian film accompanied by pasta or pizza,...

33. Fun from A to Z
Make a mutual list of your respective qualities from A to Z. On a piece of paper, write down all the letters of the alphabet on each line before you start playing. For more fun, try to complete as many letters as possible. For each empty letter, a pledge can be given!

Instead of qualities you can choose to write a word that will remind you of a memory, a place, or something else that has been important to your couple.

34. Revealing your painting talents
Buy a canvas and paint a "masterpiece" together. If you dare, hang it in the living room...if not in the cellar!

35. Make a puzzle together
Buy a puzzle and do it together while enjoying your favorite drink. Choose a puzzle with at least 500 pieces.

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