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May 06, 2020

If you don’t want to make your relationship bore, then make sure not to let it stay on the same track perpetually. When both of you expect same conversations, same activities and same foods, then even the most committed ones might start to look elsewhere for excitement. Therefore, to keep any relationship happy and strong, make sure that both of you are fulfilled by each other and you are keeping each other on your toes. Playing Couples’ questions game can be one of the best ways to do that. Make sure to ask some questions to each other which can not only let you have a better opportunity to know more about each other but can also let you broaden your conversation in the best possible way.

Questions to ask in any couple’s questions game

Whether it is your first date or you are dating your significant other for a longer period of time, you can always have some questions to get to know your significant other better. And nothing can be a better option than playing couples questions game for this. However, if you don’t have the idea about the questions which can be fun to ask, then there is no need to be worried about this. It is because here we have enlisted some of the best yet fun questions which each couple should know about each other.

  1. What are the traits your partner values the most?
  2. What does a perfect day look like for you?
  3. What is the biggest unacknowledged dream your significant other has?
  4. What is his or her favorite hobby?
  5. Where would your partner love to go on vacations? Couple playing Questions Game
  6. What you like the most about me?
  7. What is the one thing which you want me to change?
  8. Who was your first crush?
  9. How many girlfriends or boyfriends you had?
  10. What is your favorite memory with me?
  11. What things remind you of me?
  12. Which color do you think suits me the most?
  13. Which movie you can watch on loop?
  14. Which of mine features you like the most?
  15. When you fell in love with your significant other?
  16. What is my favorite color?
  17. Do you have any belief or superstitions?
  18. What is your favorite food?
  19. Which historical figure you would like to have a chat with?
  20. Which is your most loved fiction character?
  21. Who is your celebrity crush?
  22. What do you love which you will never admit in front of anyone else?
  23. When do you feel the most taken care of or protected with me?

Final thoughts

Knowing these questions will not only let you have a better idea about each other’s personalities, but it can also strengthen your relationship. By knowing all of the above-mentioned questions, you will surely be able to win any couples questions game being played at any friends get together or party with ease. So, make sure to get some time and know about each other more with these questions.

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