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July 26, 2020

There are so many anime couples you might know. But some of these are next level cute anime couples, anyone can fall in love for. Although most commonly anime couples are known for their intense action-packed performances, but we can’t overlook the sweet chemistry they can display on our screens. Some of the super cute anime couples we have enlisted here which everyone loves to see. If you are looking to see the sweet love stories of some cute anime couples, then don’t struggle anymore. Because the list of cute anime couples given below is full of the best yet amazing anime couples of all the time. So, here we go:

Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima

Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima Cute Anime Couple

Sometimes, rivalry and competition can bring two people close to each other, just like in case of Kei and Hikari. Special A is an amazing anime series where Hikari is always second. Both Kei and Hikari always compete to see who comes on the top. However, along this competitive edge, they both find their love in each other and this makes them one of the cute anime couples for many.

Akira and Saki

Eden of the East is an amazing show from beginning to end and two main characters of this show are the great part of this overall ride. Akira and Saki are making one of the cute anime couples with amazing chemistry. Throughout the series they both developed respect for each other, and share multiple adorable romantic moments that make their overall story absolutely adorable.

Itsuki “Ikki” Minami and Ringo Noyamano

Epic skating has the power to bring epic romance, especially when youth battle in an aggressive sport version with each other. Similar is in the case of Air Gear. Where Ringo and Ikki are sharing some epic moments even though intense battles between both of the teams were there. Ringo confesses her feelings for Ikki and then they have some worth-watching interactions in the crazy world.

Yuria and Kenshiro

Yuria and Kenshiro cute anime couple

First of the North Star started with the quest for revenge and a romantic turmoil. This is an intense story in which Kenshiro fights to survive as well as to save his fiancé Yuria who has been kidnapped by his rivals. There are various ups and downs in the entire story. But at last, Kenshiro succeeded to find his love of life and reconnects with Yuria. Both spend the rest of their lives together while making a cute romantic couple.

Okabe and Kurisu

It is being said that love is capable of transcending space and time. While, fate can bring two people together despite of circumstances. Kurisu and Okabe are the proofs of this theory. Steins;Gate is a unique story and two of the main characters Okabe and Kurisu connect with each other despite of multiple worldlines because of fate and power of their true love.

These are 5 of the cute anime couples which describe the power of love and true feelings in their own ways. These cute anime couples are the ones which almost everyone loves and admires.

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