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Eternal Roses

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Discover our selection of eternal roses

Offering a rose or a bouquet of roses has always been considered a symbol of passionate love. Unfortunately, flowers have a limited lifespan and fade after a while. Now imagine that we have imagined roses as eternal as your love, capable of lasting for decades without withering, incredible isn't it?

What is an eternal rose?

Eternal roses, also known as forever roses, infinity roses or enchanted roses, are 100% natural roses enclosed in a glass dome. Like traditional roses, they are grown naturally and cut by hand. They are picked when they are ripe and their stems are coated with a preservative. This process replaces the sap in the flower and makes it immortal, while keeping the color, texture and shape of the rose intact.

Which forever rose to choose?

We have selected for you a multitude of eternal roses available in many colors. It is up to you to choose the one that best represents the message you wish to convey by offering it, or the one that will best suit your interior.

Carefully cut by hand, our  infinity roses have a fresh look and are offered to you at the best price. In order to respond to your suggestions and to expand our collection, we also offer artificial eternal roses made of silk, but whose natural appearance is stunning, both visually and to the touch.

Who should you offer an eternal rose to?

Offering an eternal rose is a true proof of love, to offer to the person for whom you feel eternal love. The message is strong and will reinforce your complicity and your feelings. Your soul mate will be the happiest person when he receives his eternal rose, which will enchant your relationship to make it magical.