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Beauty and the Beast Forever Rose

The Forever Rose has become one of the greatest symbols of tales and stories of all kinds, Disney has even made it the symbol of its adaptations of Beauty and the Beast. As in the fairy tale, this rose is eternal. Enclosed in its glass dome, it continues to live. This  Beauty and the Beast Forever Rose is scarlet red and represents love.

As for the fact that it cannot wither, it represents eternal love as Beauty and the Beast promised each other. In the tale, the rose was given to the prince after being turned into a Beast by a witch who was denied access to the castle.

He had to keep it and fall in love with a woman before the last petal fell, in order to regain his human aspect. His last hope was therefore Beauty, who would be the only one to take an interest in the Beast.

Our  Beauty and the Beast Forever Rose it is today one of the greatest desires of acquisition. It is now possible to get it and have it at home, as beautiful as in the tale. It is composed of a forever rose enclosed in a glass dome, and a base. A pretty LED light sublimates the whole and adds a romantic touch.

  • Beauty and the Beast Forever Rose
  • Product Size: 8.7 x 4.5 inches /¬†22 x 11.4 cm
  • LED with on/off button under the base
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