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Lock and Key Couple Bracelets

These Lock and Key Couple Bracelets are intended for those who have found their half and entrusted their hearts forever. It is composed of two black rope bracelets decorated with a key and a lock.

Our Lock and Key Couple Bracelets constitute the perfect gift for an inseparable and passionate couple who cannot live without each other. The key of the bracelet is the only one able to open the padlock of the complementary bracelet, just as your half is the only person able to make you happy, the one for whom your heart beats every day.

Wearing these couple matching bracelets will show others that you have already found your soul mate and that this person belongs to you and is not to be shared. The rope of the bracelets is black, while the lock and key are available in 3 different colors. Choose the most significant color for your couple, the one that will remind you of an unforgettable moment spent together.

  • Set of 2 couple bracelets with a key and a lock
  • Available in 3 variants : black, white and pink
  • Material: Zinc Alloy, Rope
  • Length:¬†16-25 cm adjustable
  • Free shipping worldwide