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Personalized Heart Bracelet

This Personalized Heart Braceletwill dress your wrist with elegance every day. Its adjustable chain is sublimated by a heart, the ultimate symbol of love. It is beautiful in its basic design, but you can also choose to add a personal touch to make it a meaningful accessory. Indeed, you can personalize this heart bracelet with the engraving of your partner's initial, your favorite number or one of our patterns.

For example, choose to customize the bracelet with the infinite symbol which, added to the heart, will make this bracelet a unique object symbolizing the eternal love you feel for your partner. Our personalized heart bracelet is available in 3 colors: gold, silver and rose gold.

How to personalize this heart bracelet?

You can customize this bracelet with a limit of 1 character per bracelet. You have 3 types of possible personalizations. You just have to indicate your choice in the section "personalization".

  1. Letter : Simply indicate the letter from A to Z in lower case or upper case.
  2. Number: indicate the number between 0 and 9.
  3. Pattern: write the word "pattern" with the associated number as explained below:

Pattern Options for Personalized Heart BraceletNote: if you do not fill in the personalization section, we will send you the heart bracelet without any engraving.

  • Personalized Heart Bracelet representing love
  • Available in 3 colors: gold, silver and rose gold
  • Adjustable chain
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Free shipping worldwide